Rent to buy Process

  1. Make over R7000 Monthly and have valid documents. No deposit required.
  2. Send application
  3. Once application has been approved 
  4. Pay for the insurance and tracker (R450)
  5. Send proof of payment to our whats app number.
  6. A delivery date or pickup date will be scheduled.
  7. All document will be filled on the date of pick up or delivery.
  8. The Process takes 2 days at max!

About Us

About Us – Cars from us is, almost 10 years old, and branched into the rental business more than 3 years ago, which means that we’ve got a lot of experience in the car business.
With an incredible range of stock, all owned by us, we decided to move into rent to buy cars when we realised that there were a lot of people who needed cars, but couldn’t get the financing they needed to buy them, whether it was because they were blacklisted, or because they didn’t have a good credit record.

And so, Cars from us was born.


061 135 3629